The industry of TPE Solid Sex Doll

Time: 2018-08-01
The industry of TPE Solid Sex Doll 

Per our investigation, there have a  60 years old man who has two children became famous due to he was the first one to get the most advanced  robot, which values 15,000 pounds. It has the amazing ability to remember your birthday and orgasms.

the man has owned 5 artificial sex robot at the moment, so he divorced with his wife.

Sex doll suppliers are excellent at developing AI technology recent years. They competed to invite him to experience the intelligent sex doll robot, and the consumers can customize the sex doll robot appearance. Even the nipple color or labia. For a better interaction, the sex doll robot has been created more version. Do you want to see the family-friendly doll? Do you like the emotional love sex doll? They can turn to the shy mode or the jealous mode. The sex doll robot has the abundant space to store the owner's preference. They will keep in mind your favorite food, film, and music.

The man named Brick confessed that the real doll players will find out the interests in it. There have been more lonely guys join the group.

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