MISS YOU Join the Shanghai 2018 Adult-Care Exhibition

Time: 2018-05-28
MISS YOU join the China Adult - Care 2018 at Shanghai on May 22-23.

We showed our most new sex doll of 2018, our booth attracted many clients from China and foreigner buyers.

All of the sex dolls supplied by MISS YOU is high end TPE material, safe and skin friendly, with durable steel skeleton inside of the body, the real sex doll is allowed to pose many positions as our clients like.

All the faces are sculptured by our senior painter, all of the silicone sex dolls are super realistic, vivid as a real girl who are 18 years old, slim figure,big boobs, plump hip, 3 entrances vagina, anal,mouth, each of them are made per original mold of real female, each orgasm bring you real sex feeling and pleasures. 

The  real doll is not only could enjoy with you, but could be a companion of you, you will not feel lonely in the night. 

you could talk with her, you could hug with her to sleep, she have real women body temperature.

Enjoy life, love life, choose MISS YOU sex doll. 

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